Share with the Lord s people who are in need. Practice hospitality. -Romans 12:13 (NIV)
I knew what I should do. Invite the earful of my girlfriends to my home for a spur-of-the-moment lunch.
But that wasn’t me. I planned luncheons for a long, thoughtful time, and when my guests arrived, everyone exclaimed, “Oh my!” I love to set tables with themes, display pretty bouquets of flowers, and serve food that’s color-coordinated.
Several of us from my prayer group had been to visit Evelyn, who was temporarily a shut-in. We usually met across town at Freidas house. But now, leaving Evelyn’s, we were only five minutes from my home.
As we stopped for gas, I knew everyone was hungry, But my kitchen and my house weren’t in shape for company.
Ask them anyway. The thought was gentle and real.
“Would y’ all like to swing by my house and we can eat whatever we can find? I’m going to have to sit down when we get there. But you can raid the kitchen …. “
They didn’t even let me finish before I heard a chorus of yesses. I’d halfway hoped they wouldn’t accept.
Inside, I instantly found my recliner in the living room and plopped down. I heard them exclaiming over what they’d found.
“Pimento cheese!” someone cheered.
‘I’ll get the pop,” Missy said. “The sandwich meat is in the drawer.”
“I have the pickles!” Jill exclaimed.

My cats joined in, meowing loudly. My friends sounded almost like my children had so long ago-laughing, asking, volunteering.

I shut my eyes, smiling at the spontaneous fun.
Oh, my Father, am I really practicing hospitality at last?
-Marion Bond West
Digging Deeper: Acts 2:44-45, 28:7; 1 Peter 4:9


It Takes A Lifetime
It takes a lifetime to learn how to live
How to share and how to give
How to face tragedy that comes your way
How to find courage to face each new day
How to smile when your heart is sore
How to go on when you can take no more
How to laugh when you want to cry
How to be brave when you have to say goodbye
How to still love when your loss is so great
How to forgive when your urge is to hate
How to be sure that GOD is really there
How to Find Him, Seek Him in Prayer

–Author unknown