A Wise Way

The Wise men made some last minute changes to their plans, as the Holy Spirit impressed on them to leave by “another way”.
I do not know how you began this year.  I do not know what snares the devil has thrown across your path.  I do not know what hurts, envying’s and strivings may have hardened your heart and dimmed your true purpose along the way.  But I do know there is one who wants to impress you to leave this year by “another way”  — one of love, and forgiveness and forgetfulness.
Determine to take a different direction this coming year.  Determine to walk a new path, the one directed by the Holy Spirit.  Don’t let the devil take you down the same road you started out on last year.
Take this final week before the close of the year to allow the Holy Spirit to cleanse your heart and prepare you for next year’s journey – on a path safe from the devil’s pitfalls.

                — Rod Parsley