Run in such a way that you … win. 1 CORINTHIANS 9:24 NRS

Have you ever moved into a new house and made a list of all the little jobs you wanted to do, like touching up the paintwork or planting a garden? Chances are, six months later they’re still not done and you are okay with it. Complacency is part of the human psyche. Incredible as it may sound, the children of Israel got so used to living in slavery that they were angry when Moses wanted to free them. Here is what they said to him: “We hope the Lord will punish … you for making [Pharaoh] and his officials hate us” (Ex 5:21 CEV). When you get so used to living with your problems and hang-ups that you lose your desire to overcome them, the enemy has you exactly where he wants you.

Ever wonder why some of us go on to experience higher heights and deeper depths in our walk with God, while others go in circles or never make it out of the starting gate? That’s because the first group committed themselves to pursuing God till His presence became a reality in their lives and as a result

God honored their commitment. Paul says: “Run in such a way that you … win.” If you’ve grown lukewarm and half-hearted about running the race, God wants to reenergize you and get you back on track. His word says, “Return to Me … and I will return to you” (Zec 1:3 NKJV). In this Scripture God is saying to us, “Turn around. Come back, you’ll find me where you left me.” Don’t settle for less than a living, breathing, walking, talking relationship with the King of Kings Himself, when it’s part of your inheritance.



​Little Johnny comes downstairs crying. His mother asked, “What’s the matter now?”

 “Dad was hanging pictures, and just hit his thumb with hammer,” said little Johnny through his tears.

 “That’s not so serious,” soothed his mother. “I know you are upset, but a big boy like you shouldn’t cry at something like that.

​Why didn’t you just laugh?” “I did!” sobbed Johnny. ..


Lucy asks Charlie Brown, “What surprises do you believe will come about this coronavirus?

“Charlie Brown says, “It has done what no woman has been able to do.    Cancel all sports,   Shut down bars,   and Keep men home.” …