I was chatting with a fellow, who was somewhat discouraged because his ministry was not being accepted and recognized by those around him. Myself, I am never satisfied with what I am trying to achieve. I am often my worse critic (better me than someone else, right).

The Lord shared a special verse with me recently. It is the way I feel today. (1 Tim 1:12 NKJV) And I thank Christ Jesus our Lord who has enabled me, because He counted me faithful, putting me into the ministry,”

What a Blessing to know that our ministry and work are not given significance by what we or others say about it. I agree with David Ring, who said, God has been making a loaf of bread out of me since I was a baby. He mixed all the right ingredients into me, and he kneaded me, and poked me with all kinds of pressure. Now he has me in the heat of the oven of life. But one day, he’s going to open that oven door, and pull me to the edge and pushing his finger against my crusted shell . . . He’ll say, “Well Done”. And then I’ll be ready to be taken out.

I stand humbled that God counted me faithful (I didn’t), and that he put me into the ministry (I didn’t volunteer), but only because he enabled me (I couldn’t).

Be Blessed today. Remember, God has put you where you are, for such a season as this no matter what you or anyone else say.


A Radiant Smile

Lord Help Us All…

Lord help me to relax about insignificant details beginning tomorrow at 7:41:23 am p.s.t.

Lord help me to consider people’s feelings, even if most of them ARE hypersensitive.

Lord help me to take responsibility for my own actions, even though they’re usually NOT my fault.

Lord, help me to NOT try to RUN everything. But, if You need some help, please feel free to ASK me!

Lord, help me to be more laid back and help me to do it EXACTLY right.

Lord help me to take things more seriously, especially laughter, parties, and dancing.

Lord give me patience, and I mean right NOW!

Lord help me not be a perfectionist. (Did I spell that correctly?)

Lord, help me to finish everything I sta

Lord, help me to keep my mind on one th — Look a bird — ing at a time.

Lord help me to do only what I can, and trust you for the rest. And would you mind putting that in writing?

Lord keep me open to others’ ideas, WRONG though they may be.

Lord help me be less independent, but let me do it my way.

Lord help me follow established procedures today. On second thought, I’ll settle for a few minutes.

Lord, help me slow down andnotrushthroughwhatIdo.