MAY 19

Let nothing be done through strife. PHILIPPIANS 2:3

Strife is defined as “conflict … struggle … rivalry,” and God’s says to avoid it at all cost: “Let nothing be done through strife … but in lowliness of mind let each esteem [the] other better than themselves.” Strife is custom-designed to play havoc in marriages, churches, businesses and relationships. It stems from our self-centered ego and leads to comparing, competing and condemning. The Word of God says: “Where envying and strife is, there is … every evil work” (Jas 3:16). Keeping strife out of your life means recognizing and uprooting it before it grows; “See … no root of bitterness springing up, causes trouble, and … many be defiled” (Heb 12:15 NAS). And Paul adds, “Complete my joy by living in harmony … being of the same mind … having the same love” (Php 2:2 AMP). Enjoying God’s blessings requires doing all we can to live in harmony with one another. Is that easy to do? No, but the sooner you learn it, the better things will be.

When David saw Goliath he didn’t stop to consider the odds or listen to the opinions of others. Instead, he “ran quickly toward the battle … to meet him” (I Sa 17:48 NIV). Rapid response is required here. When God prompts you to turn the other cheek or take the short end of the stick, draw on His grace

and do it. In fact, when you do it on your timetable you end up doing it in your own strength. So: (a) forgive those who hurt you; (b) pray for them; (c) bless them by speaking well of them and wanting only good things for them. Your commitment to walk each day in love and forgiveness (yes, it’s a daily commitment!) will open the door to God’s blessing in your life.



I was at an amusement park on a brutally hot day when I saw a father with 2 kids.

“Who’s enjoying themselves most?” I asked cheerfully.

 “I am” said one.

 “I am” said the second.

 “No,” the father said “their mother is!”


And In The End,

Mankind Used So Much Toilet Paper,

They Wiped Themselves Out. …