Merry Christmas

Good morning on this Beautiful Christmas Day.
I don’t usually post on the weekends, but this morning on my early walk l was struck by many things that sent my spirit soaring.
It is always dark when I start my walk, but there was an unusual “lightness” in the sky. The stars twinkled, the sky was clear but they created such a Peaceful presence.
My pace was slower than usual, as I tried to take in the calmness. It was unusual not to have to dodge cars coming and going and to my amazement no dogs barked as I passed by. But there was a new sound, one that probably has been there all the time, but today I finally noticed. A Wind chime in someone’s back yard was ringing so clearly. I was reminded of the song “I heard the Bells on Christmas Day”. It was written during wartime but the message is still the same today. “God is not dead, nor doth He slept, The wrong shall fail, the right prevail, with peace on earth, goodwill toward men.”
Surprised, I did not hear the sounds of traffic from the nearby highway, but the train whistle still sounded. First I heard it from the north, soon it sounded from the East, not too long later, it sounded on the south, and finally I could hear the faint sound coming from the west as the train stretched through the city and on it’s way to another destination. I realized that God was reminding me of His Faithfulness. He is always on schedule (His not always ours) and He is always on time.
Nearing home, the sun began to share it’s rays over the horizon. The black gave way to various shades of blue, then the transition to oranges and reds, and finally the bright ball of light illuminated the entire sky.
For some reason, this day, God was speaking in the cool of the morning. I wondered if this was what Adam experienced. God walking alongside him, conversing with him, teaching him. All I could say was, “God I hope to never break this relationship that we are enjoying today”.
You may not take a morning walk like I do, but do know this. God is always looking for ways to speak to you every day. Like myself, sometimes we just need to listen more closely. He is always speaking in ways of blessings.
May you and your family have a Very Blessed Christmas Season.
Pastor Don Milner