November 19

Trust in the Lord … lean not on your own understanding. PROVERBS 3:5 NIV

Ever watch someone learning to get around on crutches? What a struggle! Sometimes you find them trying to balance on one leg, or resting a hundred feet down the street, their hands raw and sore. Leaning on crutches can be exhausting. So can leaning on your own understanding.

If you want things to go badly for you-exclude God. Try working things out using only your own best judgment. When you hit a brick wall, try something else. When that gets you nowhere, resort to logic, then panic. The truth is, some of us act like we’re addicted to anxiety. We’ve been living this way so

long, we’re not capable of seeing it or acknowledging it. When one worry is gone we put another one in its place. We have a line of them at our door, because the sign reads” All welcome!” It’s like we enjoy entertaining them. But Jesus said they’re a waste of life and energy. They keep you so focused on what you need, or what you’re afraid of losing, that you don’t have time to enjoy what you have (See Mt 6:25). That’s no way to live! Instead of worrying, begin living by this Scripture: (a) “Do not worry about anything.” (b) “Pray and ask God for everything you need.” (c) “Always giving thanks.” (d) “God’s peace

… will keep your hearts and minds” (Php 4:6-7 NCV). Go ahead-try God’s way!



Humor, The Bird story for Mother’s Day

This story has been around a long time. It is told that a very successful entrepreneur loved to purchase exotic birds. One year he decided to purchase a bird that could talk, sing and dance for his mother for Mother’s Day.

Because it was for his mother, he wanted her to have the best. So, he bought two of them and shipped them to his mother in another state.

On Mother’s Day, he waited for her to call him and tell him how much she loved the birds. But no call came. Anxiety got the best of him. So, he finally called his mother that evening and asked what she thought about those birds.

She responded by saying, “Mmm, they were good.”

He said, “What do you mean, they were good? I hope you didn’t eat those birds, Mother!”

He was so stunned and shocked he was beside himself. He said, “Those birds cost five thousand dollars apiece. They could dance, sing and talk! How could you do such a thing?”

“Well,” she calmly replied, “Then they should have said something.”